Tackling Homophobia

Chesterfield High School has become a Stonewall Champion school; this has involved the school creating a whole school action plan to tackle homophobia and ensure that our school is a safe place for everyone – students, staff, parents, carers and all our many visitors.

What is Stonewall?

Stonewall is a charity renowned for its campaigning and lobbying. Some major successes include helping achieve the equalisation of the age of consent, lifting the ban on LGB people serving in the military, securing legislation which allowed same-sex couples to adopt and the repeal of Section 28. More recently Stonewall has helped secure civil partnerships and then same-sex marriage, and ensured that the recent Equality Act protected lesbian, gay and bi people in terms of goods and services.

So what is the school doing as a Stonewall Champion?

  • Information, support and guidance for all teachers about ‘tackling homophobia’: overview of what homophobic bullying looks like; how it affects students and how teachers can deal with it.
  • Review of all school policies; such as the anti-bullying policy to ensure that dealing with homophobic bullying is an integral part of all of them.
  • Training for key staff to be able to support LGBT (lesbian,gay,bi and transgender) (Should it be LGBT from the start or just this point?)students while studying at Chesterfield and in their futures.
  • Assemblies and Personal Development time allocated to discuss ‘Tackling homophobia’ and how to support a friend who may be LGBT.
  • Choosing and ordering a range of books and authors that have an LGBT profile for the school library.

If you would like know more about the work the school does with Stonewall please contact your child’s Progress Leader.