Uniform & P.E Kit

New Uniform September 2020

From September 2020 our school uniform and PE kit will be changing.   All Year 7 students starting in September 2020 will be required to wear the new uniform.

The current uniform will no longer be sold after July 2020 and parents/carers are asked to replace items of current uniform with the new one as and when required after this date.  

Uniform & PE Kit

The current Uniform & PE Kit for the school will be available from 15th June 2020 online or in store at Monkhouse Schoolwear, 80 Coronation Road,  Crosby, L23 5RH  www.monkhouse.com

Parents/Carers who are unable to order via the internet and do not wish to shop in store may collect an order form from school and place an order via the post.  If you require support when ordering uniform or PE kit please contact your child’s Student Support Manager at school. Your order will be delivered free of charge to an address of your choice.

School Uniform

Black simple plain leather flat shoes (no logos, decorations, eg. Hearts, embellishments, brand labels, patent leather, canvas/fashion pumps or TRAINERS.  Sling back or open toed shoes are a potential safety risk and are not suitable for school-wear.

Below the knee grey skirt (in a simple style, allowing for normal movement) or charcoal grey waisted trousers.

White shirt

School tie – individual to year group

Charcoal Grey  ‘V’ necked pullover with school motif.  This is optional but if a pullover is worn it must have the school motif).  CARDIGANS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Grey tights or socks

Grey school blazer with gold piping with school motif

School Uniform – PE KIT

Navy/Gold Training top with Logo

Navy/Gold Polo shirt with logo

Navy/Gold Training top with logo

Navy/Silver Leggings with logo *

Navy/Silver Training shorts with logo*

Navy/Silver Skirt with logo*

Black of white trainers suitable for PE

*Can be non logo, but must be plain navy

Important notes

Leather materials, denim (or denim look) jackets, jeans or any form of cotton denim are not acceptable for school.

Hooded sweatshirts are not acceptable for school

Hair should be clean, tidy and safe.  Unusual hair styles or COLOURS are not permitted.  All shoulder length or longer hair must be tied back.  Please consult beforehand if any clarification is required.  Senior staff have the final decision.

You should not bring valuable items or items of particular sentimental value to school as we cannot accept responsibility for them.

Make up, nail polish, false nails or false eyelashes are not suitable for school and students will be asked to remove these immediately.

The school uniform must be worn at all times in school and on the way to and from school and blazers must be worn at all times whilst in the school building.

The only jewellery that you may wear is a simple stud in each ear.  Any facial and body piercings are not permitted.

Headphones/earphones, mobiles and other similar electronic devices must not be used around the site at any time.

Mobile phones must not be used in school.

A bag should be big enough to hold 3 or 4 A4 ring binder files, text books, exercise books, sports kit and/or the range of resources they need for lessons.  Bags smaller than this will not be suitable for carrying the necessary school equipment.

If your child chooses to wear any item of clothing, jewellery or footwear; have a hairstyle or hair colour which is not permissible or wear nail polish or false nails you will be asked and expected to resolve this immediately.

In the meantime, your child could be isolated from other students if they refuse to comply with the school’s expectations on their uniform/personal presentation.  The Headteacher reserves the right to make all decisions about uniform and personal presentation and will sanction students in line with the school’s behaviour policy; this includes internal and fixed term exclusion if necessary.