Internal examinations: We believe that in order to prepare students fully for the new GCSE examinations and to accurately assess their progress, students should be regularly assessed in a formal situation. ‘Big Test’ weeks for all years are as follows

Year Groups Dates
7 W/C 13.01.20, W/C 08.06.20 & 15.06.20
8 W/C 13.01.20, W/C 08.06.20 & 15.06.20
9 W/C 16.12.19, W/C 30.03.20, W/C 22.06.20
10 W/C 16.12.19, W/C 30.03.20, W/C 22.06.20
11 W/C 25.11.19, W/C 09.03.20
12 W/C 16.12.19, W/C 30.03.20, W/C 22.06.20
13 W/C 25.11.19, W/C 09.03.20

External Examination provisional dates:

External examination dates are set by examination boards and cannot be altered or amended by school.

Dates for the summer are provisionally released but can be subject to change. For up to date information please refer to the individual examination websites listed below.







JCQ Guidelines:

The following documents outline the examination and coursework regulations that all students must follow:


Written examinations

Coursework assessments – GCE and Extended Projects

Controlled assessments

The published start times of examinations set by the examination boards are:

9.00 am for morning examinations

1.30pm for afternoon examinations

It is your responsibility to bring all equipment needed to examinations, do not rely on borrowing it.

If on an examination day you are late for any reason please telephone the school on 0151 924 6454 and ask for a message to be passed urgently to the Examinations Office.

The examination board has strict rules and regulations and late arrival may result in your paper being disqualified.

The Examinations Office

It is our aim to ensure all pupils have the fairest chance to demonstrate their ability in all examinations. This document contains information to act as a reminder to candidates regarding examination routines and procedures, combined with information from the Examination Boards which we are obliged to give to all examination candidates.

Examination Arrangements

If you have more than one examination commencing at the same time (a clash), the examinations officer will discuss with you what the procedure will be. If you have not heard from the Examinations Office about a clash on your timetable please make enquiries at the Examinations Office.

If on the examination day you are late for any reason please let the Examination Office know as soon as possible. There is a very short window of time, (half an hour), to get you into the examination before you are classed as very late. If you are late we will do what we can to help to make sure that you are able to take the examination, but you do run the risk of your paper being disqualified.

In Preparation for Examinations

Please gather all the equipment together you will need to do your examinations, including black pens, pencils, ruler, mathematical instruments and a calculator and keep the items in a clear plastic bag or see through pencil case to be brought to examinations.

Please note all examinations are to be completed in black pen

Before the Examination

Make sure you know your seat number. Seat numbers will be displayed in the Mall.

Timetables with seat numbers will also be sent out to you via email once all entries have been confirmed.

The only drink you are allowed to bring into the examination room is water and the label must be removed from the bottle.

All mobile phones, electronic equipment and smart watches must be handed in to an invigilator before entering the examination room, you will be given a numbered ticket and everything handed in will be kept securely and returned to you at the end of the examination.

As many items look the same if you lose your ticket you will be asked to wait until other equipment has been collected so that we can ensure that the item is yours.

During the Examination

Examination regulations start outside the examination room. As you come into the examination, senior teachers, invigilators and support staff from the school will remind candidates what is expected of them.

This will include:

No communication between candidates.

All water bottles should have the label removed.

Candidates must not have any unauthorised material relating to the examination in their possession.

All electronic equipment including smart watches and any web enabled device have been handed into an invigilator.

All watches must be removed and placed on the desk in front of you.

Candidates requiring stationery or who have a query must take their seat and put their hand up for invigilator assistance.

All bags and coats must be placed at the back of the room.

If you remove your blazer it must be hung on your chair properly.

When you take your seat you will be asked to check that you have the correct paper at the correct level or tier. Please raise your hand if you have a query and an invigilator will respond.

The invigilator will put on the board all start and finish times.

If you are unsure about any of the arrangements for your examination please do not be afraid to ask an invigilator or a member of the Examinations Office staff.

If you are unwell on the day of an examination or during an examination, please tell an invigilator or a member of the Examinations Office staff and we will do our best to help.


REMEMER: See a member of the Examinations team if you have any queries.

Examinations Team: Mrs Ray, Mrs Smith, Miss Coxon