Bus Routes

Litherland/ Netherton Bus Route

The Litherland and Netherton school bus route starts at the KFC/ Subway stop in Litherland and travels from there towards the cemetery, turning right onto Sterrix Lane, past Litherland Sports Park and then left onto Dunningsbridge Road. From there it travels to the Park Hotel where it turns left along Park Lane West towards Marian Square. At the fire station, the bus turns right onto Edge Lane continuing to school from there.

You can get on the bus at any bus stop along the route but the driver will not stop unless you hold your hand out when you see the Chesterfield High School sign.

Below are the approximate times when the bus will be arriving at certain stops so it up to you to ensure that you are at your stop on time. The bus will only stop if you are there. It will not wait for anyone.

The cost of the bus is £1 per journey.

Sefton Road07.50
Gorsey Lane07.52
Sterrix Lane07.55
Boundary Lane/ Netherton Arms07.55
Park Lane/ Park Hotel08.00
Marian Square08.03
Fleetwood Lane/ Fire Station08.05
Edge Lane/ Tesco Express08.10
Arrive at school08.15

At the end of the day the bus will travel from school in the opposite direction with the last stop being KFC arriving at approximately 3.40pm

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