Summer School fun at Chesterfield High School

Students have been taking part in some fun activities and enjoyed getting together again with their friends during this weeks summer school. They have enjoyed a range of activities from a visit to Go Commando on Monday, staff led team building and physical challenges in school and a fun packed day organised by Mountain Monkey.

The students have been impeccably behaved and have been following staff guidance on Covid 19 regulations and DFE guidance at all times.

Special thanks to Mrs Steele for organising the summer school with her team of helpers.

DofE Gold at the Palace

Well done to Daniel Jones who completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award in 2016/17, and picked up his award at St James Palace last week.

Daniel became the 22nd student from Chesterfield High School to complete all 3  (Bronze, Silver and Gold) awards.

Daniel proudly wanted to thank; ‘All the staff who helped me to complete the 3 awards at Chesterfield High School, including Mr Weekes, Mr Duffy, Mrs Moorcroft and Mr Hynes’. We wish Daniel every success in the future, I’m sure the DofE awards will open up career opportunities for Daniel in the future.

We look forward to next year’s cohort of students working hard to completing their DofE awards.


Mr. Hynes

Dance Trip 2018

On Thursday 12th April, 26 pupils watched the critically acclaimed Matthew Bourne Cinderella at Liverpool Empire Theatre.

Set in London during the Second World War, Matthew Bourne’s interpretation is a true war-time romance following Cinderella’s chance meeting with a wounded RAF pilot whilst enduring loss and tragedy during the Blitz. It was notably darker than the Disney version!

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the ballet commenting on the quality of the dancing and the delicate portrayal of the story by the leads.

It was a fantastic show and a great introduction to ballet for some of our pupils who had never been to the ballet before.

Dancer performs alongside professionals

Amy Finnigan performs alongside professional dancers from the Birmingham Royal School of Ballet

Year 11 student and a talented ballet dancer Amy Finnigan performs at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Amy secured the soloist part, the Fairy of Beauty, in the brand-new adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, The Sleeping Beauty Dreams.

The journey for Amy began back in September when she auditioned under the creative direction and watchful eyes of former Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers Jenny Murphy and Rachel Hester. Competition for the parts was high with some 161 dancers all striving to secure a part in the highly acclaimed production. Impressed by the eminence of Amy’s performance she was rewarded by being honoured with the soloist part and being part of the corps de ballet.

Amy along with the other successful students were joined by three of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s dancers, Yvette Knight and Edivaldo Souza da Silva who took on the main roles of Princess Aurora and Prince Florimund, and Rory Mackay who played the part of the Master of Ceremonies, Catalabutte.

Amy and the other students rehearsed together each week in Birmingham and most weekends too, to create the magical performance. Birmingham Royal Ballet’s aim is to recognise talent in the short time framework that they had. They worked with the students on extremely challenging choreography, pushing their own boundaries, and giving them the chance to train and rehearse with professional ballet dancers and instilling knowledge of the hard-working life of the Company.

This opportunity has had a lasting impact on Amy and being part of this project has been immeasurable, providing her with memories will last a lifetime.

As a school, we are incredibly proud of Amy’s remarkable achievements especially as she took part in this project whilst still attending school, keeping up with her homework, attending her local dance school, and classes as a Senior Associate of The Royal Ballet. We wish Amy continued success in the future.


#GetSetAction Below is an article written by Emily Jones Chesterfield high school female sports captain. Both Emily and Jack Stanford,  male sports captain, have been on training run by Youth Sport Trust as ambassadors for promoting  the 2016 Olympic values. They attended a day at Villa Park as part of their role on the Champion schools project. This is just one of the projects that they have worked on, involving organising  a team of Chesterfield volunteers.


Jack and I were both selected by the Get Set organisation to plan and carry out an event that involved interaction with the older adults of our community. In doing so, we needed to make sure it was going to be most effective whilst focussing on an Olympic theme, in honour of Rio 2016. We met with the elderly people just after lunchtime and brought them from their local church hall,  to Chesterfield High. The event took place in our well-equipped Dance Studio, where both games of boccia and Olympic quizzes ran well, individuals were also offered a range of refreshments in the style of a traditional afternoon tea. Overall, Jack and I both feel the event was a success, as it allowed both younger and older individuals to interact effectively. Interestingly, the older individuals had a clear knowledge of past Olympics and this helped effectively during what seemed to be a very competitive Quiz!!


At the end of the event our aim was achieved, as the older individuals left Chesterfield with their own gold medal and a huge smile to match.


As testimony to the hard work that went into making the event possible the participants rated the event as “brilliant”, “I am so glad I came along, it’s been fantastic “

It was wonderful to see how well the students responded and lovely to see everyone smiling and having a fantastic time. The students involved were an absolute credit to Chesterfield High School and also made a wonderful contribution to the community. We are hoping to do  another event with Age Concern near Christmas.


On Friday twelve Key Stage 3 pupils were invited to visit HMS Tyne which was docked at Liverpool’s Cruise Terminal. The visit enabled pupils to discover and learn about the different fleets in the Royal Navy and the variety of career opportunities that the Naval Service has to offer.

HMS Tyne is the first of a trio of River-class patrol ships built to safeguard the fishing stocks in UK. The ship is one of the busiest in the Fleet as she spends on average nine out of every ten days of the year at sea. Her main role is enforcement of National and EU fisheries legislation within British Fishery Limits. Tyne has also been designed to carry out a number of other tasks including – but not limited to – environmental protection, search and rescue and maritime security.  With a crew of just 42, split into 3 watches, the ship is able to patrol for in excess of 300 days per year.

Pupils: Ellie May Musker, Eleanor Edwards, Lewis Robertson, Kyle Gorman, Nathan Smith, Jessica Taylor, Jessica Howard, Adam Gorman, Kyle Roberts, Sydney Eames, Callum McCartney and Colin Gorman