6th Form news

Thank you to Gabrielle Coggins from PWC who delivered an engaging presentation and workshop to Year 13 Students last Thursday. PWC are a multinational organisation who offer a number of Professional Services; building trust and solving difficult problems. During the session students were presented with a number of Case Studies to resolve and after much debate they delivered their well thought out solutions. Professional Services is a growth sector in Liverpool and so this was an ideal opportunity for students to discover more about this service industry. @pwc_uk_careers #chesterfield365

Year 9 – Science Challenge Day

On Wednesday 19th June, 11 pupils form Chesterfield High School took part in a Science and Technology Challenge day. The challenges included programming robots, diagnosing patients and creating efit profiles of suspects. Pupils were allocated groups and scored on their participation, engagement, teamwork and success in each challenge.

Chesterfield High pupils, Penny Page and Kirsty Hartley-Robinson, were in the winning group for the final of the robotics challenge. 

The overall winners of the challenge day were Nell Phillips and Evie Harris who will be participating and representing Merseyside in the regional finals.

All Chesterfield High School pupils who took part were exemplary in their levels of effort, engagement and behaviour.

Well done to all Year 9 pupils who participated.

Mr. Weston and Miss. Craddock.

Sixth Form Biology visit

The A-level Biologists were invited into the Institute of Ageing and Chronic disease at the Liverpool University campus to find out what research they carry out and what they need to do to become real scientists.

It was an amazing experience, allowing them to talk with research scientists that are helping to find treatments for eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, and also how we may be able to combat the effects of ageing on our bodies in the future. 

The students went on a 2 hour tour of the institute, observing scientists carry using complex and expensive equipment, such as electron microscopes and gene machines and preparing live cell cultures in specially adapted sterile laboratories. Throughout the tour, scientists gave friendly and helpful advice to the students regarding careers in science.

An incredibly interesting day!

Chesterfield Girls in STEM

This year, Chesterfield High School has been encouraging all students to study STEM subjects in the hope to tackle the gender divide in science and to encourage more students to consider STEM careers.

In October, a group of year 11 girls attended an Ada Lovelace day event at the NHS Blood and Tissue Bank in Speke. The students really enjoyed the day and even got to dress up as tissue bank scientists and see donor organs being created from different body parts.

More recently, a group of year 8 and 9 girls attended a Women in STEM day organised by the Crosby Soroptomists. The students really enjoyed the day and were able to talk to women who had varied careers in science from working as robotics programmers in Jaguar Land Rover to testing children with meningitis at Alder Hey Hospital. The events were a huge success and speaking to the students after the events it is clear that we are encouraging our girls to make their mark in the world of science.

Senior Team Maths Challenge

Congratulations to Team Chesterfield for finishing sixth in the North-West Regional Finals of the UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge.  The annual event once again attracted some of the best mathematicians from 26 different schools across the region and involved 2 hours of mathematical problem solving.  Demi Billington, Steven Jones, Tom Williams and Joe Evans made up the brains trust and in truth were unlucky to finish as low as sixth (a best ever finish for the school), answering correctly over 80% of the questions posed. Bluecoat won the event and now progress to the National Finals in London.

Wally Cain Contemporary Dance Festival 2018

Our fabulous Year 8 dancers performed at the annual Wally Cain Contemporary Dance Festival in Southport on Wednesday 20 June 2018 in front of a sell-out audience.

The theme this year was ‘Historical and Cultural Events’ which allowed different schools to produce a variety of performances ranging from the miners’ strike, the suffragette movement and the two World Wars.

We chose to perform our dance ‘Emotions around War’ with 20 pupils demonstrating the pain, suffering, violence and strength of character that war creates.

The performance introduction was “Our journey starts with soldiers struggling to adapt into everyday life once the war is over. Their memories take us back to gruelling regimented training and dangerous battlefields as they risked everything to fight for our country.”

All of our pupils performed brilliantly and the audience was clearly impressed with the maturity and sensitivity our pupils conveyed given the topic choice.

With acrobatics, delicate duets and trios, synchronised sections and large ensemble sections our performance was a rich array of movement perfectly timed with lighting and music to create a meaningful and convincing performance of ‘Emotions around War’.

The performance received a rapturous round of applause and the pupils were a credit to our school.

DofE Gold Training starts

We had our first practice session in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in preparation for our Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition. The session ran from 10am to 4pm on an unfortunately dull day. In the morning rain was heavy but  when it brightened up towards the afternoon the whole experience became very enjoyable. The instructors Pete and Doug taught us  how to row and steer effectively, as well as teaching us the different parts of the boats such as the gunwales and bow. This required practice and we were given the opportunity to do so, each person had a turn of being at the front and the back of the boat. By doing this Pete and Doug ensured we had a rounded experience of the roles in controlling the boat.

We figured out the correct partners to work with in the boats due to the importance of balance and trusting  each other. Testing this, we canoed at least three miles down the canal which was successful as the whole team managed well. We even experienced facing challenges such as going underneath a small bridge which required us and our partners to work together in planning how we were going to successfully get ourselves and the boat underneath without damage.

As a final point Doug and Pete finished off with giving us some key tips and guidance with what to do or bring to the actual expedition such as buying knee pads or a mat to protect our knees in the boat, which was helpful advice.

Finally thanks to Mr Ward and Mr Hynes for supporting us on our first Gold training experience, hopefully we will have better weather for the River Dee training session!!!!!

Gold Team 2018

20% of awards presented to Chesterfield High School

Thursday the 15th March was a memorable date for the Chesterfield High School students who attended the Sefton Duke of Edinburgh Award presentation ceremony. It was held in Southport Theatre and over 100 students received their award presented by the Mayor of Sefton at either the Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Over 20 % of the entire awards presented in Sefton went to students at Chesterfield High School – an astonishing achievement! To complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award, students must complete a sport, a skill, carry out voluntary work and participate in an expedition into the countryside and camp overnight. Students have the option to do the Bronze Award in Year 10, the Silver Award in Year 12 and the Gold Award in Year 13.

It is fun, challenging, worthwhile and looks great on your CV. Get involved!

Dancing Love around the World

29 students from Year 11 and Year 8 have been rehearsing a dance for this year’s culture and diversity concert which is held on Thursday 22nd March at Southport Theatre and Convention Centre. This year’s theme is “Love around the World” and we have chosen to focus on dance movements from Africa and Brazil. This lively six minute dance piece is performed to two songs by Shakira’s Dare and Waka Waka. I am incredibly proud of the students’ work ethic in creating the dance and look forward to the final performance.

Year 7 Maths Mastery

This half term Year 7’s mastery topics have been angles, triangles and quadrilaterals. We have explored estimations, constructions, reflective and rotational symmetry as well as angles and properties of polygons.

Our most recent lessons have been about tessellations of shapes and we explored when and how these work. Two of our Year 7 classes tried an NRICH challenge, which is a maths website run by the University of Cambridge. We tried the investigation, ‘shogi shapes’ and submitted our solutions to the website. This week our solutions have been published on their website and can be found by pressing the following link:


Well done to all the students involved and who have managed to get their solutions published on a website used by over 80 countries!