Chesterfield High School is part of a national network of schools called PiXL (Partners in Excellence).

PiXL (Partners in Excellence) is a growing partnership of schools whose membership includes in the region of 1500 secondary schools, 60 PRUs (Pupil Referral Units), 550 post-16 providers and over 200 Primary Schools. It emerged from the London Challenge in 2007 and has grown from 50 schools at its inception to present numbers.

PIXL provides Chesterfield a collaboration of school leaders; access to vibrant, purposeful conferences and networks of people complemented by online resources, training opportunities and development programmes to support the promotion of excellence for pupils in Chesterfield High School.

The PIXL Network supports our determination to do all we can to help improve life chances for young people through improved educational achievement and enhanced self-esteem in order to connect them to worthy progression routes in the next stage of their education.


Schools join PiXL voluntarily.  They have recognised that at its heart there is a compelling moral imperative to support the promotion of excellence for students, to better their life chances through improved educational achievement and to always do its utmost for students, whatever their ability to bring them a better future and a brighter hope.  PiXL is concerned with offering opportunity for all students to make progress in life on the basis of achieving good results and, through the Edge, by developing key life attributes.