Free boating sessions from Marine Society & Sea Cadets

The Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC) are going to be offering FREE boating sessions to hundreds of children, aged 9-14, at our boating station in Crosby over the summer holidays, from 26th July to 29th August. Their aim is to encourage a love of the water and give children opportunities that they would not otherwise receive and haven’t experienced before.

Children from all backgrounds are welcome and are especially those from low income backgrounds with free opportunities from around the Liverpool area. They will get the opportunity to gain boating qualifications and if they wish to continue developing their skills, we will happily help them find their nearest Sea Cadet unit to join.

Attached to this email is a poster, timetable and joining form link that can be completed by the schools or sent to the children, via their parents and we look forward to meeting your amazing pupils this summer. I hope you will support us in our endeavour, by passing on this opportunity to your pupils. For the first week we can only take half day bookings for an individual or one day after that.

Link to Joining Form