Year 12 International Students Return Home

Friday was the last day our International Students attended the Sixth Form altogether as they each make their preparations to return home.

Since September Asger Aage, Gabriele Banfi, Celine Cosmi, Stella Favaro, Pia Sauff and Fabienne Wolf have been staying locally and studying Level 3 Qualifications at Chesterfield High School’s Sixth Form. Coming from Italy, Germany and The Netherlands all six students wanted to improve their English and  experience education in England. It certainly was not the year they had anticipated and yet no one complained despite the various tiers and National lockdown measures.

It is an incredible achievement to move and live in another country for 9 months especially at such a young age and they should all feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I am in no doubt they have learned a lot about their individual characters and are more confident and self-assured individuals. We will miss them terribly and hope that they will all continue to have many more adventures.