Success for the Twins at Telford

Lauren and Adam Byrne (Y9) were selected to represent Merseyside Schools Athletics Association at the North West Region Combined Events Championships which took place at the weekend.

Lauren’s team came third overall in the event and Lauren herself achieved  a personal best in the pentathlon competition with the following results:

Running 13.1 seconds in 75 m hurdles 

Throwing 8.90 m in shot 

Jumping 1.35m in high jump 

Jumping 4.36m in long jump and running a very hard 3 minute 3 second 800m with a total score of 2185 points 

Adams team also came third overall in the event and Adam himself achieved a personal best in the pentathlon event competition with the following results:

Running 14.7 seconds in 80m hurdles (PB)

Throwing  9.61m in shot 

Jumping 1.59m in high jump (PB)

Jumping 4.57 m in long jump (PB)

And running a 800m in 2 minute 35 seconds with a total score of 1921 points 

Adam’s parent’s accompanied them to Telford for the weekend and Dad, John commented on the very high standard of competition that Lauren & Adam faced.

All of us at Chesterfield High School are extremely proud of their performance particularly considering the difficult year we have all faced. 

Well done Lauren & Adam!