Danny Lopez Zooms in!

CEO of Glasswall Solutions, former banker and senior diplomat Danny Lopez spoke to Year 13 and the Year 12 Business Studies Class about his successful and diverse career journey.

Danny holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in International Economics and Finance. After graduating from the University of Essex Danny’s career started at Barclays Bank, where he held several senior International positions in corporate and investment banking in London, New York, Miami and Mumbai.

With 10 Years of experience in banking Danny took the plunge and completely changed career becoming the Managing Director at the UK Government’s Department for International Trade before being appointed by the Mayor of London as the inaugural CEO of London & Partners, the UK capital’s official promotional agency.

In 2011 Danny experienced a third career change when he was successful in securing the role of the British Consul General to New York and Director General for Trade and Investment across North America. After a spell as an International Diplomat a fourth career change beckoned and Danny became the Non-Executive Director at Innovate Finance – the UK industry body championing global FinTech – and a special advisor to New York-based venture capital firm, FinTech Collective.

Currently the CEO for Glasswall, Danny spoke to the Sixth Form Students about his non-linear career journey, as not everyone knows what they want to do at 18 or in Danny’s case at 46!

Danny left students with some words of wisdom…

  1. It’s not a problem being unsure. Have an open mind, be hungry for knowledge and reinvent yourself. Remember you are always learning; learning from your experiences.
  2. Be a good communicator as this is the most important skill people can have. Practice getting your point across wherever you can in school, with friends and family. Speak impeccably, be someone who people will listen to and work to get command – an element of respect.
  3. Show humility and recognise everyone’s importance regardless of whether you are a senior leader or now. Everyone out there is valuable so keep your feet on ground and avoid getting carried away with power.
  4. Be decisive when opportunities present themselves, you will always know instinctively whether they are right or wrong by acknowledging whether you will learn anything.
  5. Be authentic and always be yourself. Don’t become someone different.
  6. Be as inspirational as possible.