Parent Governor Vacancy

March 2021

Dear Parent/Carer


Vacancies have arisen for three Parent Governors at the school.  Governors play a significant role in the work of the Academy and the role, whilst demanding, is very interesting and rewarding.  The Governing Body works in partnership with and in support of the school.  It also sets a high standard of expectation and ambition which helps to drive forward the work of the staff and create a bright future for our students.  Governors need not be experts in the field of education.  What they do need is an interest in the school and the welfare of the children.

The Governors of the school meet at least four times a year.  They are also encouraged to join at least one of the Sub-Committees which cover areas such as curriculum, finance, human resources, health & safety and facilities.  Prospective candidates should be willing to give up a certain amount of their free time for the role.  Normally the Governors meet in the early evening, currently all meetings are being held remotely. 

If you wish to put yourself forward, please complete the enclosed nomination form and arrange for a proposer and seconder to complete their sections.  It would be helpful if you would also supply a short personal statement (preferably under 120 words) saying why you would like to become a Parent Governor and what qualities or experience you could bring to the school.  If more than three nominations are received it may be necessary to hold an election.

I need to inform you that:

  • A Parent Governor must be the parent or carer of a child attending the school.  The proposer and seconder must also be a parent or carer of a child attending the school.
  • School Governorship is classed as a regulated category and as such all governors are subject to an enhanced disclosure through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).  The appointment will be made on the understanding that clearance is received through the DBS.
  • Certain individuals are disqualified from becoming a Governor and a full list is attached for your information.
  • Governors will also be trustees of the Academy and as such will be expected to become Directors of the Academy and listed at Companies House.
  • Any directorships that you hold or interests that could possibly conflict with your role as a governor will be published in the governor information section of the school website.

Please return your nomination form and personal statement to me no later than 2.30pm on Wednesday 21st April 2021. These can be returned either by post or email to  If you need any further information about the role of a Governor or the election process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S A Smith

Clerk to the Governors