Letter to Parents

2nd November 2020

Dear Parent/carer

I hope you and your families had a well-deserved break and restful half term. I would like to thank you personally for your ongoing cooperation and support as we continue during these difficult and challenging times.  Your children continue to embrace the numerous changes and challenges they have faced in their new routines and learning zones.

As we enter another “lockdown” we want to reaffirm some important information that we have previously shared with you.

It is essential that your child attends school every day and benefits from the expertise of our teaching staff and their social interactions in their peer group.

As you are aware, the wearing of face masks is now mandatory in an educational setting.  Staff and students MUST wear face coverings in all communal areas.  Students who persistently do not follow this Public Heath instruction may face a consequence, in line with the school’s behaviour policy. This is for the safety of all in school and our community.

Students are required to wear a face covering on public transport and on arrival at school.  We have a very limited supply of disposable masks if students don’t have one.  If your child is prone to losing them, then additional disposable masks can be purchased from ourselves at the cost price of 50p.  I suggest that students carry more than one mask with them in their school bag in case they lose them during the school day.

If your child arrives at school without a mask, we will provide them with one at a cost of 50p.  This cost will be deducted from their School gateway account. All masks must be appropriate to a school setting.

I must make it clear that as we continue to embed hygiene routines, we ask you to heed the advice from the NHS. Be alert to the symptoms, which are:

  • New and continuous cough
  • High temperature (over 37.8)
  • Loss of taste or smell

If anyone within your household develops any of these symptoms you must:

  • ALL self-isolate for 14 days and follow ‘stay at home’ guidance.
  • Contact 119 NHS coronavirus helpline or go on the NHS Coronavirus page for guidance.
  • Book a test for the symptomatic person.  
  • Contact school with appropriate details and update school as necessary.
  • Remain at home until the 14 days has lapsed, or until your symptomatic family member receives a Negative test result.
  • If your child tests Positive, they can stop self-isolating 10 days from when they first began to feel ill.  

Once you receive a test result we would politely ask you to send a copy to; attendance@chesterfieldhigh.co.uk

Any absence which is related to coronavirus symptoms within the household will not be treated as an absence. In these circumstances, home learning tasks would be set and if your child is well enough, there would be an expectation that it is completed. This will be regularly monitored to ensure continuity within their learning.

I would like to remind parents/carers of students who use the numerous bus services locally that it is compulsory for all passengers (apart from medical exemption) to wear a face covering for the entire journey. Any student not wearing a mask will be sanctioned by school. These sanctions will escalate if students continue to flout the rules.

We would also ask parents to remind their child that we are still currently in the middle of a pandemic.  We understand these are difficult and unusual times; however, we must request that you instruct your child to go straight home from school and change out of their school uniform. Students should not be socialising or gathering with friendship groups and maintaining social distancing rules introduced during this lockdown for your families’ safety as well as ours. Any issues of students being seen around the community in their school uniform will be dealt with by school.

We, as a community, must continue to work together to maintain our health, safety and well-being, and to avoid further disruption to our daily lives.

I thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mr Kevin Sexton