Holocaust Memorial Day 2020

Over the course of the past week, we have delivered an assembly themed around Holocaust Memorial Day with the core message for our students, ‘Stand Together’. The assembly was delivered in unison with two of our sixth form students who visited Auschwitz earlier this year and shared accounts of their personal experience and the importance of all of us challenging antisemitism.

As part of our teaching this year we recognise that the horrors of Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps will soon be lost to living memory and the recent rise in xenophobic nationalism underlines the need never to forget. On Monday 27th January, we commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Red Army’s arrival at the gates of Auschwitz and the liberation of this camp.

Students across the school have been taught lessons in English and History, visited displays demonstrating individual stories and a timeline of events, seen a play or been involved in a live webcast.

They learnt about Leon Greenman’s story and we collected 606 personal responses to this story. The students made a display within school on luggage labels.

We hope that students will remember that we must stand together and challenge the ideas of those who do not hold those same values.