Important Information re Litherland & Netherton School Bus Service

Edge Lane, Thornton will be closed for 4 weeks from Monday 28th October. This will affect our school bus service from Litherland and Netherton. During this period, students will be picked up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to ensure that they arrive on time. We will also be adding an additional pick up point in the mornings to relieve the pressure on the bus stop by the KFC. Our first stop will now be the bus stop on Church Road by the end of St Philips Avenue. From Monday 4th November, students will be picked up here at 7.35am and the KFC at 7.40am. All other stops will be 10 minutes earlier. The final pick up will now be opposite the British Legion on Fleetwoods Lane NOT the fire station as the bus route will now turn towards Buckley Hill before the fire station.

Any queries please contact Mrs Allen at school.