Wally Cain Contemporary Dance Festival 2018

Our fabulous Year 8 dancers performed at the annual Wally Cain Contemporary Dance Festival in Southport on Wednesday 20 June 2018 in front of a sell-out audience.

The theme this year was ‘Historical and Cultural Events’ which allowed different schools to produce a variety of performances ranging from the miners’ strike, the suffragette movement and the two World Wars.

We chose to perform our dance ‘Emotions around War’ with 20 pupils demonstrating the pain, suffering, violence and strength of character that war creates.

The performance introduction was “Our journey starts with soldiers struggling to adapt into everyday life once the war is over. Their memories take us back to gruelling regimented training and dangerous battlefields as they risked everything to fight for our country.”

All of our pupils performed brilliantly and the audience was clearly impressed with the maturity and sensitivity our pupils conveyed given the topic choice.

With acrobatics, delicate duets and trios, synchronised sections and large ensemble sections our performance was a rich array of movement perfectly timed with lighting and music to create a meaningful and convincing performance of ‘Emotions around War’.

The performance received a rapturous round of applause and the pupils were a credit to our school.